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I’m trying my best to be good. You’ve hurt me a thousand times maybe you even feel I’m not good enough for you, but I’ll still be the good in your life. The negativity gets to me sometimes too you know? I think you don’t know, we all are trying to feed the good in us but you are just hell-bent on feeding our daemons.
I will not allow you to kill the light in me, I will protect my sanity and shield my mind from you however I can. I love you, but I’ll still keep trying to be the good I can be, if not for anything just for the hope that my good can influence someone else who will pass it on to another until all the negativity in your life is no more.

Yours Earthly Bound,

Ìfẹ́Olúwakìítán 💓

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Song for the post: CIRCLE by Passenger

It’s almost a year now that I posted this (check the link after this👇🏽) and my cousin, who died on the last Tuesday in February 2020, well her father joined her last Tuesday



They gave birth to me, I prayed and I grew.
I crawled, I grew teeth,
I said my first word, I took my first step.
I went to school, I thought and became.
I fell in love, I got married,
I gave birth, I was celebrated
And now I am dead
Back to where I came from in the beginning.

We are all going around in circles
Only to return to our first place of abode.


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Thanks for coming to read 😘, sorry does not cut it and I know. You all deserve an explanation, and I’m sorry because I can’t give a detailed one. I’ve been going through a lot personally and it’s a lot of negativity that I did not want to bring to this space. I hope you understand 😔😢

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By Mákindé, P. Olúwadámilọ́lá

Loving A Woman, is one of the most intriguing things to happen to a man, especially when you know you want to keep her forever…

The feeling of having or not having her, drives you crazy with frequent surges of hot emotions, every time you think about her, hear her voice, or even see pictures of her…

…Loving a woman…

You throw your comfort at the dogs, cast your wonder in the wind, if that bit of insanity would make her feel how much you cherish her…

She’s like the earth, and you’re like the sun; no matter how much you smile, no matter how much it looks like you brighten up her day, you just feel you aren’t doing enough, so you keep showing up everyday in her face…

Oh… Loving a woman…

You want to tell her how beautiful she looks even at her worst, because somehow her happiness fuels your strength, and you never want her alone in her blues…

You always feel she has a need, even when you know she’s got all she wants…

Oh, I tell you, she’ll be the reason for most of your decisions…

You would see her in every fine female shoes you spot, and imagine her in every beautiful dress you sight…

When you love a woman, you have intense emotional climaxes, sweeter than orgasms…

Loving a woman feels like a spell you can but can’t cast off, once you get under it.

You’ll spontaneously do things you’d never have done, even when you know the consequences….

Oh loving a woman…

You want to show her off, but still want to keep her from prying eyes; because you know they’ll see all the grace that makes you fall in love with her, over and over again…

When you love a woman, your heart is never at peace when you have fight with her. Her silence will hurt you deeper than the scourging of Jesus.

You would want her to lash out if that will be the only way she’ll at least speak to you; Yes, you’ll want her to lash out real bad even though her words will hurt you just as much as her silence.

Oh, what a feeling it is, loving a woman…
Loving a woman is beautiful, so beautiful; but very dangerous when she doesn’t feel the same…

Selah 💟


Makinde Damilola Peter, is a neo-soul musician, who not only finds expression in melodies, but also derives it from words. He is a graduate of the Prestigious University of Ibadan with a B.A in Communication and Language Arts. He’s an expert at digital and traditional publishing, provides editorial and content creation services, and consultancy services when it comes to brand development. He might have been a science student, but he hates mathematics.

You can reach him on any of the following platforms;

Instagram: @damilola_Makinde

Twitter: @musicalmakinde

Facebook account: Makinde Damilola Peter

Facebook page: damilola_makinde

First of, I’m sorry I have not been posting, I’m apologizing because of those who truly enjoy my works and are thinking I’ve let them down. I would like to say that 👇🏽

No, I am not dead

Yes, I’ve been writing

No, it was not laziness that kept me from here

I’ve just been busy adding some certificates to my name 😁

Thanks for loving me irrespective of my flaws😍

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While I was in a place where I walked on eggshells, I was inspired to write myself a note to put things in order. Being uncomfortable isn’t all bad. While at it, I realized that I’m struggling with intentionality and consistency. I see information overload at the root of it- there’s always something new to learn, a link to click, a video to watch, a speaker to listen to, an online course to sign up for. I’m not condemning these things but consuming information without filter and proper processing does no one any good.

Like feature creep, info overload sets out being harmless. For feature creep, the engineer/product designer has good intentions and they keep adding features until the product can no longer perform its basic tasks excellently. Info overload does the same to you. It leaves you confused. I’ve been there, I became clueless. That was the point I made up my mind to stop listening to everyone who has something to say.

I am taking my time to filter the info I consume daily. To put purposeful info to work. I am working on being intentional and consistent.

Will you do the same?


Ndidiamaka is a Jesus addict, fashion designer, investment enthusiast, motherland mogul, avid reader, and Ìyá l’ẹgba’s great grand-daughter 😁

IG: umenzendidiamaka

Twitter: silk and chiffon @amminwa

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IG: ifeoluwakiitan_a

Twitter: Ìfẹ́Olúwakìítán

Often time we don’t even know we do these things and it’s the reason why the attention span of an average youth keeps dropping every year.

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WRITTEN BY: Umenze Ndidiamaka

Sorry I’ve not been around for a while, just basically needed to put myself together, and guess what!!!!!?


The weeks the Nigerian youths trooped out to speak against police brutality would forever remain notable. While we don’t have a hold of our request yet, the peaceful protest was symbolic nonetheless. It’s a sign that Nigerians will no longer keep quiet in the face of oppression. They now know the power they possess as people. As much as I learned to speak against bad governance, I also learned not to go mute about inconveniences in my personal life. I won’t be disrespected. I won’t give anyone the power to make me feel small. No more will I be quiet in the face of undue discomfort.

While making this promise to myself, I remembered the timidity I displayed last year and I felt sorry for myself. I had joined a fashion outlet/school as an intern. I had previous knowledge in tailoring but the whole system at this place was foreign to me and their process was sophisticated compared to what I was used to. So there’s room for mistakes right? But one of the stylists didn’t think so. She was a nice person but she made me feel small. I was so scared of making mistakes because she would go like “Ha! you called Amaka to come and do this thing, she won’t get it” or “I know Amaka would make mistake.” I wouldn’t know if she did it intentionally or otherwise but I was hurt. And I was more hurt that I couldn’t tell her how I felt because she was superior. I took all of it until my internship was over.

These past weeks got me reflecting on the incident. I felt terrible like it’s happening all over again. But I forgave myself because there’s no point wallowing in regret. At least I know better now, not like I didn’t know that time too but fear held me back. The right thing to say is, I will do better now, I’m not as vocal as I want but I’m getting there. Even if I have to say it with tears in my eyes or a shaky voice, I will speak out against any form of humiliation and oppression in my personal life.

Will you do the same?


Ndidiamaka is a Jesus addict, fashion designer, investment enthusiast, motherland mogul, avid reader, and Ìyá l’ẹgba’s great grand-daughter 😁

IG: umenzendidiamaka

Twitter: silk and chiffon @amminwa

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Twitter: Ìfẹ́Olúwakìítán

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I need you to guess what you think I’ve been doing all the while I was not online😉

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“`A whole new world lives in my head
Of a life so true I cannot comprehend
All looped together beautifully and shinning
But I’m confined in one place, watching and waiting for a miracle
It seems tomorrow eludes me
And the image so clear before me is the hope that keeps me alive
Living in my head feels better
Causing me to turn away from reality



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My idea of how internet fraud can be curbed in Nigeria.

First, I will like us to identify the problem, the source of the problem, how to tackle this problem and find a long-lasting if not permanent solution.

The keywords here are; internet, fraud, and curb
So we know that the main source of the fraud that needs to be curbed is the internet? Yes or yes? But has the thought ever crossed your mind that the source of the fraud which is the internet, could also be the solution we’ve been looking for? If you will just stay with me I’ll explain myself.

We could go on and on, blaming the government on the issue of unemployment and some other basic things but when a hand is idle what else will the mind do? (That’s a digression).

Now to my own ways that I think internet fraud can be curbed, keeping in mind that all this can only be possible if and only if we all are ready for the change it will bring (corruption needs to be reduced and we have to start believing in ourselves):

1. AWARENESS: You know how you go online and even in your Gmail you still have all this porn pop us? That is the kind of awareness I’m talking about, a massive awareness against internet fraud. The mind is man’s greatest enemy and also man’s greatest asset use it for them not against them to create a better society. Show it to them, tell it to them make it a constant thing like breathing that they will end up doing unconsciously.

2. FILTERS: The same way you can filter pap, Yam flour, and the likes is what I’m talking about here. If there are ways in which we can use the internet to filter/confirm identities then it will be good for the people. Take for example I am trying to create a profile online and they are asking for a valid ID that they can verify to say that the name with which I want to open the account with is valid or my words or propositions pass through some screening before it gets to the person I’m sending it to determine the authentication of those things I am proposing to the other party.

3. EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES: This can not be overemphasized, we need the provision of jobs and by jobs, I don’t mean the ones we have now, I mean the creation of new jobs, digital jobs. Youths of this century spend a lot of time on their phone that to get their attention for a job not online could mean we are fooling ourselves. NYSC program could work as a platform for teaching these new skills that pertain to the new jobs. Jobs like content creation, graphics, web designing, and the likes of them.

4. AGRICULTURE: We need to shift importance from petroleum to other things that we have to improve our economy. The naira is ‘cheap’ (for lack of a better word to use) we need to re-orientate our youths about what is important.

To achieve all these though we need us to be united, be a community that works together towards a common goal.

For this particular write up there is a story that I will like to share in another post because the story is long and very interesting 🤣 for now though I hope I did a good work with the write up?

Please kindly tell me your opinions and thought towards this in the comment box below 👇🏽 I sincerely want to hear from you.

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Nobody can be the better you.
Even when the world feels like you can’t be anything good,
All you have to do is turn the pages of a book,
Allow your pens follow freely and pour out your thoughts.
This I learnt the hard way, why don’t you learn from me?
Experience should not be the best teacher,
It brings pain and leaves scars.
Be who you want to be, not who people want you to be.
On the long run, you’ll discover that you started it all alone
And when you’re dead, you’ll still be alone.

So why not start now by being yourself?
Build your own world and live alone, walk alone, act alone and hold your pen and book as your best friend because
Only they can help you to be you.

I pray that one day, on that road that leads nowhere,
You’ll find yourself, find that inner peace and fulfillment you’ve always craved for.

Edited by AKINỌLÁ, Tolúlọpẹ́ Joseph TDB

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Often time, we don’t get to realize some things, some say that is

God’s fault, other’s say it is what it is. What do you think it is?

You might think the world looks like a cone or you have a clique or zone.
But life ain’t some kind of dome where you can’t walk alone.

Think twice before you jump that rope
Do you have to always be who people want?

Until you realize this world is about walking alone then you might just be walking in another’s shadow.

You walk with a friend and you follow. Then when everything seems to be failing,
You realize you’ve been loosing
And the only way out is to be yourself.

The company you get friends,
You can buy with any penny. (I don’t understand this sentence though)

The hate you feel when you come to life,
You’d want to lock the gate on life.
We just have to accept our fate
Because you might be late before you leave that room
Or lock that door and learn to…WALK ALONE

I love you all and I hope and pray that you get to find yourself, know your worth and never have them taken away from you. ♥

Edited by AKINỌLÁ, Tolúlọpẹ́ Joseph TDB

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So I’ve been wanting to do an article or write up sort of on WAIST BEADS also DOGMATISM and KARMA but I’d like to know what you guys think about it.


It’s like the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen
With the sun sinking on the horizon
And the sky having the best shade of blue.
The car keeps moving fast
Even though the stars shine so bright, yet,
Darkness swallow every object that passes by
And the blackness of the night was the coolest shade of black.
You just want to blend into it and forget your sorrows.
This is just a note of a lonely soul
Wishing time could stand still so it might
Enjoy the blessedness of the night.

Edited by AKINỌLÁ, Tolúlọpẹ́ Joseph

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